Main Activities :-

Assessment of requirement of textbooks FOR the forthcoming academic session.

  • Procurement of printing paper & cover paper FOR printing of textbooks.
  • Making necessary arrangements FOR printing of textbooks.
  • Making necessary arrangements FOR distribution of textbooks through 14 depots AND about 600 Registered book sellers, which are located AT different places IN the state of M.P.
  • Making textbooks available FOR free distribution under different government schemes.
  • Making textbooks available TO students through OPEN market.
  • Co-ordinating WITH Board of Secondary Education & State Council of Educational Research & Training FOR obtaining manuscripts .
  • Co-ordinating WITH Rajya Sikhsha Kendra & Commissioner Public Instructions FOR finalizing the Number of books needed FOR various government schemes.

Ancillary Activities :

  • Providing GRANTS FOR upliftment of education.
  • Providing financial assistance TO the Sate Council FOR Educational Research & Training FOR preparation of manuscripts.
  • Providing GRANTS FOR construction of NEW school buildings AS well AS enlistment of existing schools.
  • Providing financial assistance FOR meritorious students. 5. Provision of financial assistance FOR Schools of Excellence.