M.P. Text Book Corporation is a society registered under the M.P. societies registration Act 1973. It was Created in 1968 at the behest of the state government with its basic function being publication and sale/distribution of text books for class 1 to 12 for schools in Madhya Pradesh. The Corporation has framed its rules of business (Regulations 1974) with the approval of the Registrar Firms & Societies M.P. Bhopal and conducts its operations within the frame work of these rules. In addition, the corporation also adheres to instructions issued by the State Government from time to time.
TBC Building
  • The executive powers of the corporation are vested in the Board of Governors headed by the President/Chairman of the corporation. The President/Chairman of the Corporation and members of the Corporation/Board of Governors including the Managing Director, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation, are appointed by the State Government.
  • The headquarters of the corporation is located at Bhopal. besides, there are 15 Book sale depots at various divisional and district headquarters through which sale/distribution of text books is managed by the corporation.
  • Every year approximately 6.5 crore textbooks are provided , the medium of publication being Hindi, English, Urdu and Marathi. The total number of titles published are 221..