Vision / Mission / Objective


To promote and develop value-driven education, empowering students with professional competencies so that they excel.


  • To act as a premier organization for production and distribution of educational textbook and other text material for school children in the state of Madhya Pradesh
  • To synchronize with the latest technological advancement in the field of textbook production

Objectives of the Organization (Long-term and short term)

Long Term:

Long term objective of M.P. Textbook Corporation is to aid and promote advancement of education in general and school education in particular.

Sort Term:

Short term objectives of M.P. Textbook Corporation are –

  • To print, publish, stock and distribute, the prescribed textbook and other text material of Class 1 to 12 in the state of Madhya Pradesh.
  • To manage printing & distribution of textbook and other text material for school students at reasonable price, and before the commencement of the academic session.
  • To facilitate research in the field of school education in general and evaluation of textbook production in particular.
  • To provide grant-in-aid for infrastructural development of government schools and to provide grant-in-aid for the advancement of educational activities.